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SPIDER sells Assembled Land in Edgewater

The Fintech which is an investments hub, is planning to move their tech infrastructure to Miami to offer a new experience in investments and Property Management for the American market which promises to be a game changer through their Spider Connect app.

Miami, FL. –The 16,500 square feet site, located at 522, 526 and 534 NE 34th Street is the group’s second land sale this year, and continues Spider’s strategic focus on technology and income producing properties. AIMCO paid a total of $6,200,000 for the site. Jamie Rose Maniscalco, and Alexandros K. Tsoulfas of Apex Capital Realty, were the agents who facilitated the transaction.

The sale of this land, which was assembled by Spider in 2015, confirms Spider’s vision in zoning potential. Over the past 9 years Spider has established its real estate presence in areas that are transforming, and then moves to find new areas once they are consolidated. “With this sale we confirmed one more time that all the areas that we bought years ago had an extraordinary upside for our investors, as well for important American companies that acquire those assemblages years later. We continue to invest in our analytic capabilities and technology, in order to keep growing, and to make a difference,” said Andres Goldenberg, Spider's founder.

The development of Spider Connect has facilitated the investment process for foreign nationals looking to invest in the US market as a way to maximize the safety and stability of their investments. Goldenberg said “we opened our midwest headquarter on June 16th and plan to keep investing in income producing real estate assets as well as the launch of the Property Management services that will be disruptive in UX”.

Although Spider will continue to invest in the real estate market, its focus has changed from being a strategic residential real estate investor and developer to a Fintech that helps and facilitates the way foreign nationals invest in the US market. The sale of this assemblage located in Edgewater will help advance in this new vision.

About Spider

Spider is an Investment Hub which provides 360 solutions to international investors in the US market. Through their app Spider Connect, and it’s all in one structure, anyone can invest and manage their funds from any cellphone or computer. Having all the necessary, legal, accounting, and administrative assistance under one company at their fingertips.

For more information, please visit: IG @spiderinvest or visit the website

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